Prom Updos for 2014

November 13, 2021 by hairstyles

Prom is always such a big night in a young woman’s life, and she wants to find that perfect hairstyle to compliment her perfect gown. Every young woman wants to feel beautiful as a Fairy Princess on such an important night! Here we have gathered several ideas to help you choose a great hairstyle!

Prom Updos for 2014Prom Updos for 2014

Kim Kardashian’s braided up do is soft and pretty, perfect for Prom! After making a center part, make a section next to face-approximately two-three inches deep (see photo) begin French braiding on either side of part, securing at nape of neck. Wrap ends of braids around crown of head to finish. Add some sparkling hair jewelry, and you are ready!

Prom Updos for 2014Prom Updos for 2014

Keira Knightley’s hair is very feminine and romantic in this loosely rolled, pinned up do. To achieve this look make a deep side part and put spring curls in hair ends using a medium barrel curling iron or hot rollers. Then loosely roll the sections on either side of part toward back of head, securing just above the nape of the neck. Begin pinning hair up in a messy cluster on back of head. Finish by lightly pulling some tendrils free around the face, and add a garland or tiara.

Prom Updos for 2014Prom Updos for 2014

Jessica Alba is the picture of classic elegance with this pinned chignon. This style is very easy to do, although it looks complicated. Begin by using a medium barrel curling iron or hot rollers and put spring curls in hair ends, gather hair at the nape of the neck and secure, leaving a few tendrils free around the face for a romantic softness. To do the chignon, using bobby or hair- pins, begin pinning curls up around the point that the hair is secured.

Prom Updos for 2014Prom Updos for 2014

This over the shoulder French braid is very flirty and romantic, especially when a metallic or satin ribbon jewels or flowers are woven into it-creating drama and interest. Begin by making a two-inch partial part over left eye directing that section to the right to be picked up in the braid or left loose to frame the face. Brush hair over the right shoulder, begin braid at some point in the back and continue over the shoulder. Weave metallic or satin ribbon and/or flowers into the braid as you work. Finish by wrapping a section of hair around end of braid to cover band that secures it.

These are just a few suggestions don’t forget the hair jewelry or flowers!

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