25 Cool Stylish Ash Blonde Hair Color Ideas for Women

November 14, 2021 by hairstyles

Adorable, alluring and eye-catching, the new ash-blonde shades are so beautiful!  Fast forward to the summer and there’ll be fewer ‘sun-kissed’ blondes around and lots more blonde ice-maidens! Ash-blonde offers a huge range of shades to get a perfect match with your skin-tone, including silver, ice, oat, beige and gorgeous champagne tones.  Ash blonde looks fabulous against cool skin-tones with warm undertones.  And you must get white balayage for a 3-D finish that makes hair look thicker!  So if you’re ready to ditch your current image and become a super-cool, Scandinavian-blonde – let’s get this party started!

Warm caramel to cool Nordic-blonde makeover

There’s definitely a more sophisticated vibe associated with ash-blondes.  This yellow-blonde to delicate ash-blonde really emphasizes the difference. The beige-pink roots are beautifully highlighted in delicate champagne-blonde balayage – instantly switching this model’s look from everyday mid-blonde to stunning head-turner! Bet her partner loved the naturally glamorous makeover! This is a cool layered hairstyle for medium thick hair.

Long & lovely ash-beige with hint of pink

And don’t think for a moment that the trend for pink and lavender locks is over!  Far from it – as you can see in this gorgeously highlighted, sleek, long style.  Roots continue to be darker than the rest of the hair, but the trend is for softer, beige-brown shades and a more feminine look.  The natural styling, with gently knotted tresses at the back, balance artificial pink perfectly!

Sexy iced-champagne blonde bombshell – Ash Blonde Hair for long hair

This image looks exactly like a photo of Brigitte Bardot’s sexy, tousled hairstyle from the 60’s! However, this chic French style is brought bang up-to-the-minute with an expertly-blended mix of neutral blonde and beige. White-blonde highlights add loads of color-depth to casual, volume-boosting waves in a scandalously sexy blonde-bombshell style!

Gleaming ash-blonde ombré with caramel roots for a ruddy complexion

If there’s a special event on your horizon, like a wedding, dinner or party, now is the time to update your hair-color.  When you need to look extra stylish, these neutral blonde hair color ideas are bound to impress!  Caramel roots deepen to mid ash-brown and gleaming oat-blonde ombré on lively, defined waves!  And ash-blonde with a blue tone is a great way to disguise an overly red complexion.

Avant-garde colors on edgy uneven layers – light Ash Blonde Hair for short hair

Here’s one of the latest cut and color creations for a truly bohemian look!  Now hair-fashion has smashed up ‘the rules’ and tossed them out, it’s created a space for talented stylists/colorists to show us some fantastic originality.  This blend of ash beige/blonde shades has fabulously unexpected copper balayage and daring disconnected layers!  It’s trendy, it’s chic and it’s edgy – all rolled into one! If you love this balayage hair style, you can find more here.

Chic soft and pearly ash-blonde on long waves – Ash Blonde Hair for medium length hair

Mix and match shades of beige and ivory to create a thicker look to fine and medium hair.  Dark roots seem further away from the eye than the two lighter shades used to highlight the tousled, defined wavy lengths.  This is another color-design that gleams like pearls if you keep your lightened hair well-conditioned!

Pale ash-brown roots soften white-blonde straight bob – Ash Blonde Bob

Trimming long hair into a smooth long bob instantly changes your image to a more ‘grown-up’, well-groomed look! And adding a high-fashion color design like this, with camel colored roots gently changing to wheat-blonde, shows you’re a switched-on, up-to-the-minute person.  If you’re currently job-hunting, or aiming to get a workplace promotion, creating the right impression is vital!

Fabulous flash-back to Mary Quant – Ash Blonde Hair for short hair

This is an authentic, 1960’s ‘Mod’ style, from the tiny ecru collar on a black dress to the ash-blonde, asymmetric bob. And as always, there’s that clever, modern twist that changes vintage into a totally up-to-the-minute look.  In this image, you can just see that the back is buzz-cut and the roots are slightly darker, tinted a trendy pinky-beige and adding the illusion of thicker hair!

Amazing ash-white blonde on gorgeous long hair

Warm skin-tones and an extra touch of blusher look great with this white ash-blonde and dove-gray hair color.  Bleaching hair from dark to light blonde is not always the best idea, as you risk damaging it.  But on natural-blonde, natural gray or mousey-brown natural colors you can achieve this daring look.  Use a purple color-correcting shampoo to remove any yellow tones!

Stunning beige- to white-blonde ombré on extra-long hair

Here’s another look at what can be achieved on well cared for long hair.  Don’t be tempted to bleach your hair too many shades lighter, unless you start off with very healthy hair.  Light ash-blonde colors do need weekly deep-conditioning.  And that could be expensive!  So I’ll tell you a secret – the best conditioners are still plain olive oil or coconut oil!

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