Trendy Spring Hairstyles

November 14, 2021 by hairstyles

Spring hairstyles will be unique, crazy, fun, and offers many styles that have not yet become popular. Hairstyle trends for spring include the slicked back look for women, the center part and side part (both have been popular in the past), the gym hair, the wrap, the retro look and new and exciting top knots. Here is a sneak peek at the popular trends for this year.

The Slicked Back Hairstyle

Trendy Spring HairstylesTrendy Spring Hairstyles

The slicked back hairstyle is also known as the wet look, and is a great for second or third day hair look. It makes a great spring look as it can easily be used to transition from working out lounging around. This look will be seen on runways in the spring of 2013, and will quickly gain popularity.

The Wrapped Up Hairstyle

Trendy Spring HairstylesTrendy Spring Hairstyles

Fashion experts will be using wrap ups to cover up the head and protect the scalp from the sun in the summer of 2013, however before summer the wrapped up hairstyle will be seen on runways all over the world. This style will be seen wrapped up turban-style as well as a more pirate-esque variation.

The Center and Side Parts

Trendy Spring HairstylesTrendy Spring Hairstyles

Although both the center and the side parts have been seen before, in spring these hairstyles will be back in style. While this trend works best with clean straight hair, dry shampoo can help tame second day hair for this easy “wash and wear” look. The side part adds a little mystery by slightly covering one eye, while the deep side part can have a sharp clean line and can be worn with all types of hairstyles, including pulled back, half-up, up-dos or full down hairstyles.

The Gym Hair

Trendy Spring HairstylesTrendy Spring Hairstyles

Since so many women are extremely busy, the “gym hair” is making an appearance as a new and unique hairstyle in women’s fashion. Late sleepers, fitness fans and busy moms will be happy to hear that textured roots and y-strands will be seen on the runways this spring. This look can be created by applying styling products liberally to the hair that is close to the face and letting locks fall loose or by pulling them back into a funky ponytail. Hair accessories can be used with this style as well.

The Retro Hairstyle

Trendy Spring HairstylesTrendy Spring Hairstyles

Vintage style haircuts will be seen on the runway this spring; however they will have a modern twist. The retro look falls into the high maintenance category, and with some product and imagination, you can have a vintage-inspired hairstyle every day.

The Top Knots

Trendy Spring HairstylesTrendy Spring Hairstyles

Spring hairstyles in this year will feature many different types of top knots, including tightly bound updos, loosely piled high knots, and many other types of top knot buns. These new hairstyles will be making a big statement on the runways at the spring collections.

Spring hairstyles will be a fun and exciting time for new fashion trends. Keep an eye on the runway this spring, and do not be afraid to try something new in the new year.

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