Ombre Hair Trends – Ombre Hair Color Ideas

November 14, 2021 by hairstyles

The ombre hair is popular in recent years, if you wear long/ medium length hair, you can try this fashion stylish hair.

Im a huge fan of this look, and have done it to many people and do it to my own hair as well. I am a pro hairdresser, I went to toni and guy academy, and this look was hard for me to learn, it can be tricky.

I would recommend instead of lightnening all over choose a hair color that will lift your roots, as long as you have virgin hair if you use a high developer and patience to allow the color to fully develop according to the manufactuer(20 or 30 volume, if your hair is extremely dark and healthy maybe a 40, and go to a beauty supply and try to find a creme color line like Satin[I love that brand]) and apply it root to mid shaft, which goes about an inch away from your scalp to about an inch from your ends, so anywhere in the midshaft you would like to see the lighter pieces, then apply the lighter in small sections from where the color is (midshaft) thru the ends and be patient! Lighter turns hair orange because you have to get it past a certain level because hair has natural undertones the darker the warmer(red, orange, yellow) your hair is. that is a great diy look, but I HIGHLY recommend leaving it to the pros!

Here are some pictures of the latest celebrity ombre hair, enjoy.

<img class="center " title="Rachel-Bilson-ombre-hair" src="" alt='Rachel-Bilson-ombre-hair' width="500" data-lazy-src=""

Rachel Bilson long wavy hair style

<img class="center " title="Ashley-Tisdale-Ombre-Hair-Color" src="" alt='Ashley-Tisdale-Ombre-Hair-Color' width="500" data-lazy-src=""

Ombre Hair Color Ideas: Celebrity Ashley Tisdale Ombre Hair Color

<img class="center " title="Long-Sleek-Hairstyle-2013" src="" alt='Long-Sleek-Hairstyle-2013' width="500" data-lazy-src=""
Ombre Hair Trends: Sandra Bullock Ombre Hair

<img class="center " title="Short-Ombre-Hair" src="" alt='Short-Ombre-Hair' width="500" data-lazy-src=""

Ombre Hair Color Ideas: Short Ombre Hair

<img class="center " title="Demi-Lovato-Ombre-Hair" src="" alt='Demi-Lovato-Ombre-Hair' width="500" data-lazy-src=""

Celebrity Demi Lovato Ombre Hair

<img class="center " title="Ombre-Hair-Ideas" src="" alt='Ombre-Hair-Ideas' width="500" data-lazy-src=""

Ombre Hair Ideas: Lauren Conrad Ombre Hair

<img class="center " title="Ombre-Hair-Color-Ideas-for-2013" src="" alt='Ombre-Hair-Color-Ideas-for-2013' width="500" data-lazy-src=""

Ombre Hair Color Ideas

<img class="center " title="Sleek-ombre-hair-from-Olivia-Wilde" src="" alt='Sleek-ombre-hair-from-Olivia-Wilde' width="500" data-lazy-src=""

Olivia Wilde Long Sleek Hairstyle with Blunt Bangs

<img class="center " title="Jennifer-Lopez-Long-Sleek-Hairstyle" src="" alt='Jennifer-Lopez-Long-Sleek-Hairstyle' width="500" data-lazy-src=""

Jennifer Lopez Long Sleek Hairstyle
<img class="center " title="Sexy-Long-Wavy-Ombre-Hair" src="" alt='Sexy-Long-Wavy-Ombre-Hair' width="500" data-lazy-src=""

Sexy Long Wavy Ombre Hair

<img class="center " title="Sexy-Long-Sleek-Hairstyle" src="" alt='Sexy-Long-Sleek-Hairstyle' width="500" data-lazy-src=""

Lauren Conrad Sexy Long Sleek Hairstyle

<img class="center " title="Sexy-ombre-hair-from-Lily-Aldridge" src="" alt='Sexy-ombre-hair-from-Lily-Aldridge' width="500" data-lazy-src=""

Sexy ombre hair from Lily Aldridge

<img class="center " title="Ombre-Hair-Trend" src="" alt='Ombre-Hair-Trend' width="500" data-lazy-src=""

Ombre Hair Trend: Lauren Conrad Ombre Hair

<img class="center " title="Rachel-Bilson-tousled-waves" src="" alt='Rachel-Bilson-tousled-waves' width="500" data-lazy-src=""

Rachel Bilson Ombre Hair

<img class="center " title="Celebrity-Ombre-Hair-Color-Ideas" src="" alt='Celebrity-Ombre-Hair-Color-Ideas' width="500" data-lazy-src=""

Celebrity Ombre Hair Color Ideas

<img class="center " title="Ombre-Hair-Trends" src="" alt='Ombre-Hair-Trends' width="500" data-lazy-src=""

Ombre Hair Trends

<img class="center " title="Drew-Barrymore-Long-Ombre-Hair" src="" alt='Drew-Barrymore-Long-Ombre-Hair' width="500" data-lazy-src=""

Ombre Hair Trends: Drew Barrymore Long Ombre Hair

<img class="center " title="Kristen-Wiig-Long-Sleek-Hairstyle" src="" alt='Kristen-Wiig-Long-Sleek-Hairstyle' width="500" data-lazy-src=""

Kristen Wiig ombre hair – Find more on

<img class="center " title="Kate-Beckinsale-Long-Straight-Hairstyle" src="" alt='Kate-Beckinsale-Long-Straight-Hairstyle' width="500" data-lazy-src=""

Kate Beckinsale Ombre Hair

<img class="center " title="Medium-Ombre-Hair" src="" alt='Medium-Ombre-Hair' width="500" data-lazy-src=""

Shoulder Length Ombre Hair

<img class="center " title="Vanessa-Hudgens-sexy-long-ombre-hair" src="Vanessa-Hudgens-sexy-long-ombre-hair.jpg" alt='Vanessa-Hudgens-sexy-long-ombre-hair' width="500" data-lazy-src=""

Sexy long ombre hair

<img class="center " title="Sexy-Ombre-Hair" src="Sexy-Ombre-Hair.jpg" alt='Sexy-Ombre-Hair' width="500" data-lazy-src=""

Lily Aldridge sexy long ombre hair

<img class="center " title="Ashley-Tisdale-Long-Ombre-Hair-Style" src="Ashley-Tisdale-Long-Ombre-Hair-Style.jpg" alt='Ashley-Tisdale-Long-Ombre-Hair-Style' width="500" data-lazy-src=""

Ombre Hair Trends:Ashley Tisdale Long Hair Style for Women

<img class="center " title="Whitney-Port-Ombre-Hair" src="Whitney-Port-Ombre-Hair.jpg" alt='Whitney-Port-Ombre-Hair' width="500" data-lazy-src=""

Ombre Hair Trends: Whitney Port Ombre Hair

<img class="center " title="Ombre-Hair-Colors" src="Ombre-Hair-Colors.jpg" alt='Ombre-Hair-Colors' width="500" data-lazy-src=""

Lauren Conrad with a sleek ponytail

Ombre Hair Trends – Ombre Hair Color IdeasOmbre Hair Trends – Ombre Hair Color Ideas

DIY: Ombre Hair Tutorial

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