This Youtuber’s Hair Routine Is Surprising but Promising

November 14, 2021 by hairstyles

For years, YouTube beauty gurus have shared their insider tips and tricks and we’ve depended on them for all our beauty and hair advice. One Youtuber in particular, Hitomi Mochizuki gives us a look into how she keeps all 32 inches of her hair healthy daily. What’s her secret?

It’s a mysterious white powder by the name of diatomaceous earth. According to Hitomi, using this product on a regular basis gives her unbelievably soft and silky hair. If that doesn’t convince you to give diatomaceous earth for hair growth a try, Hitomi also says that it helps with acne and makes her nails grow back faster and stronger. She also uses this powder, along with other all-natural hair products to achieve her envy-inducing locks.

What Is Diatomaceous Earth?

Diatomaceous earth is a naturally occurring soft rock that is made up of fossilized water organisms called diatoms. The substance crumbles into fine white powder, making it easy for us to use in our daily lives. In addition to helping your hair, there are a number of other added benefits from using diatomaceous earth. This substance is a natural source of silica-a nutrient that is necessary for the health of our bones, hearts and lungs. Diatomaceous earth also supports heart health and helps control cholesterol levels. Not to mention, it is also used in some of our toothpastes! If you choose to use food-grade Diatomaceous earth as part of your hair routine, it is recommended that you mix one tablespoon or less with water once a day, preferably one or two hours after your last meal. By using the food-grade variety, you are insuring that you are putting a safe substance into your body, so only benefits can come after you mix it into water!

Diatomaceous Earth for Hair Loss

This natural supplement can also help those suffering from hair loss. Diatomaceous earth hair growth is a very natural way to regrow your hair. The silica in the substance acts as a building block for new hair growth. One of the ways you can soak up the benefits of this rich silica is by doing a diatomaceous earth hair mask. How do you do this? Mix one tablespoon of diatomaceous earth with water, aloe vera juice and milk, which will make a thick paste. You can also use this on your skin.

Now that we understand what diatomaceous earth is and how we can benefit from it, let’s see how Hitomi incorporates it into her regular beauty routine!

Hitomi’s Complete Hair Routine

First and foremost, Hitomi accounts her glowing skin and hair to a well-balanced diet but a good collection of hair products certainly doesn’t hurt. Her routine may seem a little radical (she does also mention that she may stop using shampoo all together), but it is actually very simple and yields amazing results.

#1: Food-Grade Diatomaceous Earth

Hitomi’s beauty secret weapon is a 10 pound bag of Diatomaceous earth. She also says to make sure you buy food-grade Diatomaceous earth. Hitomi mixes one tablespoon of this substance in her morning glass of water and swears by its magical powers to keep her hair strong and shiny. After doing this routine fairly regularly, Hitomi says that she has noticed a huge difference in her hair, as well as her skin and nails. Her hair is already long and this supplement makes her locks grow even faster. To make this product even better, one bag of powder will last you a very long time!

This Youtuber’s Hair Routine Is Surprising but PromisingThis Youtuber’s Hair Routine Is Surprising but Promising

Photo: Natures Wisdom

#2: It’s a 10 Leave-In Conditioner plus Keratin

After drinking her diatomaceous earth and water mix, Hitomi uses It’s a 10 Leave-In Conditioner. The benefits of this product are limitless. This hydrating leave-in conditioner acts as a protein supplement for hair and as a heat protectant. It’s a 10’s product also detangles hair and adds an extra layer of shine for silver locks. For the best results possible, spray this cruelty-free product throughout damp hair and brush it through. She advises to only brush hair from the bottom up, otherwise you will be pushing down all knots and tangles, which causes irreparable damage to your hair.

This Youtuber’s Hair Routine Is Surprising but PromisingThis Youtuber’s Hair Routine Is Surprising but Promising

Photo: @itsa10haircare

#3: Coconut Oil

Hitomi also occasionally uses coconut oil in her hair. Since she has fine, thin hair she has to be careful about how much oil she uses. If she uses too much she could cause her hair to become oily or greasy. Coconut oil supports soft and thick hair, all while also making hair grow faster. Coconut oil is one of those all-purpose products, for it benefits your hair, scalp and skin. Don’t want to just put coconut oil directly in your hair?

Try a DIY coconut oil hair mask. To do this, put the coconut oil of your choice and honey in a pan and heat on the stove until the mixture is completely melted. After it has had time to cool,  apply all over your hair including your scalp and ends. Massage the mix thoroughly and leave it on for about 20 minutes. After this time has passed, wash it out of your hair and enjoy your new soft locks!

This Youtuber’s Hair Routine Is Surprising but PromisingThis Youtuber’s Hair Routine Is Surprising but Promising

Photo: COCO&CO

#4: Hask Macadamia Oil Revitalizing Shine Hair Treatment

Hitomi recommends this hair oil for those with dry or curly hair. Hask’s Macadamia Oil helps maintain your hair’s moisture and softens even the driest of curls. Once you put it in your hair, the oil absorbs immediately, leaving behind a frizz-free shine. The best part about this hair treatment?

There won’t be any oil mess leftover on your hands or hair. It can also be used on both wet and dry hair; simply spread a coin-sized amount of oil throughout your hair! But avoid your roots, so you don’t make your hair too oily.

This Youtuber’s Hair Routine Is Surprising but PromisingThis Youtuber’s Hair Routine Is Surprising but Promising

Photo: @haskhair

Beauty YouTubers are always incorporating new and unexpected products into their routines, but Hitomi’s use of Diatomaceous earth may be the most surprising. Her simple and inexpensive routine is perfect if you too want to maintain long and healthy hair, vanishing any dry or dull hair you may have experienced in the past!

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